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DR.H.S Rawat ji,Would Be Available Various Cities In the month of August 01-11Delhi,12-18 Noida,19-22 Mumbai,26-27 Firojpur,contact for appointment 09212286090,9811144156,9999896090
Learn Astrology - Admissions are open Online and Regular classes in Noida branch . classes will start from 1st July 2017 contact for admission - 09212286090, 09811144156,9999886090
2:50 PM
08:50 am To 09:10 am
Mon. To Sun.
Welcome to Dr. HS Rawat !
Dr. H.S. Rawat is the first Astrologer who gave more than 5 million accurate predictions. He taught more than 10 thousand people all over world. He is the one who wrote 10 academic astrological books in the history of astrology. In the history of television, he is the first Astrologer who started teaching astrology through television media.
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